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PhotoScape is fun, easy to use, FREE photo editing software.

It will eneble you to fix, improve, change, combine and do other

things with your photos. If you do anything regarding internet

marketing or simply like to share your pictures, you will find

this software very useful.

Fiverr is a great place to get some help very cheap (starting from 5$)

regarding grafic and design, video, animation, commercials, writing,

translation, web traffic, content marketing and so on.

Note: before choosing your "assistent" and placing an order, do your

research and  check reviews for particular freelencer who you would like

to hire.

Dropbox is excellent way to keep all your files safe, and also to share

your pictures, documents and videos with your coleagues and friends.

Dropbox basic is FREE for 2GB big storage, but if you need more storage,

you can always upgrade your account to bigger one Dropbox Plus

(+1000 GB).

NOTE:  These TOOLS we are using regulary, so we can recommend it. We are not affiliate members of these sites!

MyOwnMeeting - if you need to make online presentations

you will have to rent some webinar room.

MyOwnMeeting room is completly OK, very functional

and at resonable price: for Live Brodcast room with 100

seats price is 9,97$ per month, which is more then fair