Robert Kiyosaki: "The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for job."

Network marketing or MLM - Definition  in Business Dictionary:

Direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. In this method, commission is earned on the agent's own sales revenue, as well as on the sales revenue of the sales-force recruited by the agent and his or her recruits (called downline). Also called multilevel marketing (MLM), cellular marketing, or by other such names, it is a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry that distributes practically any portable item...

Multi-level marketing presents an enormous opportunity for those wishing either to supplement their income or to start a new career. It offers great flexibility as to where, with whom  and how to work  and how much to earn. You can fit it in your way of living, your obligations, and spend several hours per week for developing it...or you can dedicate 100% of your efforts from the early start... It’s up to you.

From my point of view MLM is the most honest and ethical  kind of business – which can bring you success and wealth in life without taking some financial risk. It is opportunity for ordinary person who is not too ambitious to make very, very decent income still much bigger than by working 9-5 job... And to ordinary person who is very ambitious it will give an opportunity to make a fortune. Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other business.  According to some studies, only during last decade MLM has created more then  600 000 USD  millionairs.

But... if you search for a get-rich-over-night business, real MLM is not for you. It requires dedication and hard work. Simple joining MLM company doesn’t mean anything, you have to work.

I hope that we will help you to decide to join MLM industry, as this will be way for you to take your career and life into your own hands and to become  an entrepreneur.