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We are Jasna and Zoran Runjajic - two of us are behind site

For Success Now. Our road to success wasn't always easy and

we are sure that we have a lot of knowledge and practical advices

to share with you.

ZORAN RUNJAJIC - networker & motivator & crypto currency fan

By classic education engineer and by self education networker.               I had luck to be introduced to Network marketing soon after my study and during my first 5-9 job. My experience with MLM comes from various organisations for more than 20 years - there were several failures, then big success, then again failure or two, than again success.

I think that I can say that I reached a balance in my life as I am happy father, husband and enerpreneur.

JASNA RUNJAJIC - networker & Forex trader & crypto currencies fan

I'm an economist, with years of experience in Foreign trade, Forex trading and last several years in network marketing.  This experience has given me a lot of knowledge especially about governing your own business, time management, risk management, marketing in general and internet marketing.

We would be happy to assist you on your own way to financial freedom and successful life. Someone would say that success is not only about finacial freedom, and yes, we would agree. BUT... there is one big but... Financial freedom will help you to live stress-free, without worring about money and it will give you freedom to take care of other aspects of your life.